Let me introduce you to my favorite gif in all the Universe.

You’re so right, dear.

Build a friendship before marrying someone. Marry your best friend.


oh yeah i got a haircut yesterday

It’s been a good ride.
The best.

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The best deodorant you will ever use

Seriously. 1/4 teaspoon in each pit and you can sweat your ass off, totally stink-free for like 2 full days. It’s a natural anti-bacterial so those little fuckers won’t multiply and make you smell. Plus it’s cheaper and healthier than any deod you can buy anywhere.

Use equal parts of the following:

-corn starch
-baking soda
-coconut oil
-cocoa butter

With a few drops of whatever essential oil you want, for fragrance. Otherwise it basically just smells like nothing. I use tea tree oil & pine needle oil. Cuz they’re MANLY.

Note - It pretty much turns to liquid if it’s warmer than about 75 degrees. If you want to keep it solid, you can refrigerate it or add a little more corn starch.

Reblogging myself again, cuz I still use this and it’s still awesome

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one day i’ll be able to pick up mass effect again without my mother going, “why are you playing him when you know you’re just going to kill him? you know he’s going to die right? you killed him.  you always kill him. you killed commander shepard.” 


Momrrigan doodles :0

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My Xbox dashboard keeps showing of the new inquisition trailer and GOD I AM SO READY TO PLAY THIS GAME


Alphonse Mucha

"Alfons Maria Mucha (Ivančice, 24 July 1860 – Prague, 14 July 1939), often known in English and French as Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and designs."

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pros about being in lesbians with a girl

  • can makeout in the girls bathroom
  • girls are cute af
  • wear each others’ clothes
  • fantastic sex

cons about being in lesbians with a girl

  • ?????
  • there aren’t any??

it has come to my attention that there are, in fact, cons about being in lesbians with another girl

  • she won’t kill the spider either
  • two periods

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me: living with debilitating anxiety sucks everyone just thinks you’re being lazy when you PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY cannot do things

neurotypical person: lol its ok everyone worries about stuff! You’re just psyching yourself out, you can do stuff even when you’re anxious! (0:

me: shut the fuck up

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